With a strong property background spanning over 12 years, Melissa has a breadth of knowledge and experience across a range of real estate sectors, including property valuations, construction, and project management - before settling into her ideal vocation in Property Advisory.

The driving passion behind Melissa's remarkable ability is based on three P's - people, property, and problem solving, making her an excellent asset to have in our team. With a determined work ethic and creative thinking style, Melissa blends the perfect mix of professionalism and warmth to create a unique approach to her working relationships, which her clients have learnt to love and trust.

A keen property investor herself and having renovated for profit in the past, Melissa's clients rely on her for more than just purchasing and selling advice. With experience comes knowledge, particularly in key areas such as appraisals, pre-styling advice and renovation potential.

Property aside, Melissa's well-worn passport has a wealth of stories to tell, and she spends her spare time enjoying AFL, interior design, and health and fitness.