Meet Hank, author of The Hank Report. Visit our Facebook Page to receive regular updates from Hank.

You have no doubt seen the Hank Report on our facebook page! Hank the French Bulldog is owned by our leasing guru Ben Maros. Rarely separated, Hank and Ben share a uniquely close bond, and can be seen together at inner east parks and at cafes around Melbourne, when Ben is not busy being a super leasing agent!

Despite his glum expression, Hank is comical, entertaining, and dependably amiable. We love his energy, big loveable eyes and wide smile. Hank, like his owner, is a leader and takes his role as our resident canine seriously; keeping his nose to the ground on all things property.

A compact breed, Hank stands at 30cm and weighs around 10kgs. He inspires patience and kindness in everyone he meets, we adore our little mascot.