Heading up our Accounts Department, English born Sara is a whiz with numbers. As you would expect from her position, Sara’s attention to detail is second to none. Passionate and knowledgeable, you can rely on Sara to ensure the high volume of our day-to-day accounting is managed swiftly and accurately. An expert in accounting software, and organised to a fault, our clients, partners and associates are kept assured every dollar in and out is accounted for.

WHAT SETS ME APART With experience across a variety of industries, I have a clear understanding of what is required to keep a business running smoothly. I’m also passionate about implementing innovative technology and software to improve efficiency.

MOTTO I LIVE BY: You are responsible for your own path in life, and no-one can change it but you. If you want it bad enough, be prepared to work for it!

MY PASSIONS Horse riding (both professional and for pleasure) – it’s a lot of hard work, a lot of miles on the road, and a lot of unsociable hours, but it’s the biggest buzz to be rewarded for your efforts. I’m also passionate about drawing, painting and our greyhounds.