Grace takes a personable approach to her property management role and day-to-day interactions, which is evident in the strong relationships and mutual respect she has built with her clients over the years.

Having spent her whole working career in the Real Estate industry, Grace spent time in varying roles before realising where her true passion and talent stemmed; property management. It was here, Grace identified, where she could have the most impact in peoples lives; whether it be helping individuals secure a home, assisting landlords with vital maintenance, or coordinating tradespeople.

A lover of processes and a self-confessed perfectionist, Grace draws from her empathetic nature to resolve complex issues, taking a methodical approach to resolution. Grace was drawn to Domain & Co. for their revolutionary systems and processes, which compliments her style of management, where clear communication and proactiveness are paramount.

With years of property knowledge under her belt, Graces clients turn to her for consistent and professional advice and service. By name and by nature, Graces experience and expertise delivered with her kind-hearted approach are the key elements behind her professional success.

Property management is not Graces only love in life; she also has three beautiful daughters and a loving husband, a travel enriched life with a well-worn passport, and a passion for health and wellbeing with a particular interest in nutrition, meditation and yoga.