Sunshine, our resident property management superstar, loves to live up to her name. A shining light of inspiration to our team and clients alike, Sunshine is proactive, innovative, and excellent and undertaking the wide range of administration tasks that helps keep our Property Management Department running so smoothly. With admirable ambition and determination, Sunshine is remarkably versatile and an absolute delight to work with.

WHAT SETS ME APART I believe if you love your job, it will love you back. Loving what you do means you don’t have to compromise, and I can take initiative to continue to make things better.

MY PASSION I love reading and educating myself in psychology. I am also passionate about ‘beautifying’ everything – because if you don’t know how to colour something, you will never see its true beauty.

WHAT SETS DOMAIN & Co APART Being part of Domain & Co is a dream come true for me. I consider this company as one of my greatest blessings, like finding a second family. Like family, my colleagues respect individual differences, understand work-life balance, and compensate all effort you put into your work.