acting for property purchasers, offering objective, impartial and independent advice.


At Domain & Co, we help people save time, money and stress by assisting them to buy property. 

Most people only buy property once or twice in their lifetime.  There’s a lot of money involved, a lot of emotion, and it can be intimidating.  So why do so many people do it themselves?  After all, you engage an accountant to do your tax to save a few hundred dollars, so when it comes to what is possibly the biggest investment you’ll ever make, doesn’t it make sense to seek professional help to potentially save you substantially more?

Put it this way: you engage a professional to help you sell property, why not have someone to help you buy?

At Domain & Co we’ll work with you to find the property you’re looking for; sourcing, negotiating and securing on your behalf.  We’ve saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by negotiating advantageous terms, through our experience, local knowledge and expertise.  You need the best people on your side when buying property. People who know what they’re doing.  People like us.

Buying property can be an emotionally charged process; we remove the angst.  We’re impartial, objective and, above all, independent.  We work solely for you.  With us by your side, it’s easy.