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A few weeks ago my partner and I met Ben at an open house - At the time we both thought he was friendly at helpful, being we had not rented for a while we both thought this was just the norm. Apparently not. After looking a several houses, Domain is the only company to follow-up and see how we were doing, sometimes even emailing links to other properties. He clearly either really likes his job or knows what customer service is. Unfortunately we found a property with another company and whilst the house is what we were looking for the customer service is lacking in comparison. Not that we have had to interact much with our new agent, but it seems domain has a better grasp on being able to be friendly AND professional Hope to meet again someday. Have a great Christmas

Maria Browns

Sale of 19 Little Mountain Street, South Melbourne

Domain & Co provided us with a positive selling experience and the outcome that we required. We were kept up to speed at all times.

Sharynn Moors & Ray Chantry

5 star rating - facebook - rentals

Jessica and the team at Domain & Co took over as property managers of the home are renting earlier this year. The transition was very smooth, and we have found D&C to be very attentive property managers, approachable and extremely prompt to address any issues, however minor they are. We definitely would recommend Jessica and the team!!

David Herman

Review - Property Management

I would like to thank the team at Domain & Co, especially Jessica and Ben for their open communication throughout the whole journey of finding and managing new tenants. Domain have made this seamless for me, communicated prior to inspection and after, and when applications had been received. I have had my Melbourne apartment managed by D&C for 8 years and over the years they have got all the proactive processes down to a fine art, with their customers front of mind and really have taken away the uncertainty of property management.

Glenn – landlord in CBD

5 Star Rating - Google - Rentals

We lived in a property managed by Anil Nanji for about 18 months, and he could not have been more professional throughout the experience. When we had to break our lease, everything went smoothly and a new tenant was found within 5 days. From a tenants perspective, Anil was always easy to work with and I felt that he was very approachable and reasonable to deal with. I could not recommend more their services as a tenant.

Craig Monagle

5 Star Review – Google

We saw a house from Domains Portfolio in Sept 2014 took a 3 year lease the Professionalism shown by office staff is Superb. The follow up service during the lease period has also been of superior quality. The house has been sold to New owners who chose another agency. So I have to say a fond farewell to Domain Staff. Many thanks for your courteous and friendly service over 2.4 years. JGM&Family

Gordon McPhail

5 star rating - facebook - rentals

Domain and Co. clearly pride them selves on being a great real estate team. They have always been helpful, professional and prompt with responses. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a tenant with them for the past 12 months and found them very speedy when dealing with minor mainenance issues :) Thanks guys.

Holly May

5 Star Rating - Google - Rentals

I could not think of a better way to purchase and manage property than by using Domain Property Advocates and Domain and Co. You guys have made it so easy! Thanks from a happy customer!

Rupert McArdle

5 Star Rating - Facebook - Rentals

My partner and I are tenants in a property managed by D&C. They've been fantastic and professional the whole way through. Whether it's simply understanding our right for quiet enjoyment of the property, pleasant and fast communication between all parties involved or quickly organising for minor maintenance requests. They seem to understand that a happy tenant is a good tenant and this really puts them well ahead of the game.

Tristan Adams

5 Star Rating - Facebook - Sales & Rentals

I have been dealing with Domain & Co. in some shape or form, for the past 10 years (from the early days with MDRE). They not only provide advice and counsel when asked, but offer it willingly and with no charge. If further information is required by you, they will provide you with contact details of the appropriate person / company who can assist. Domain & Co. put a lot of effort into ways of raising the bar, and keeping its clients connected. I constantly recommend them to friends looking for a trustworthy Property Management service. Domain & Co. are Leaders who innovate, collaborate and listen.

Lucy McLennan